Experienced Cryptocurrency Speaker Offers Expertise on Speaker Market

Renowned cryptocurrency speaker and blockchain consultant and developers, Rene R. Butschi and Alfonso B Perez, with over 8 years of experience in STO (Security Token Offering), stable coins and utility coins, crypto exchanges and NFT marketplaces, announces their availability as expert speaker for conferences, events, and industry gatherings.

With a strong background as a banker, asset management, commodities, and crisis manager in over 110 countries, Butschi and Perez discovered years before FORBES the importance of integrating excluded populations into a sustainable social financial system that fosters capital gains and passive income, even for those with limited budgets.


Mr. Butschi and Mr. Perez are renowned experts and influencers in the cryptocurrency industry. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential for social impact, they are committed to educating audiences about the importance of crypto currencies with intrinsic values.

Their mission is to empower global populations by showcasing sustainable crypto currencies that respond to real needs, while offering opportunities for capital gain and passive income through NFTs derived from tangible assets like real estate, power plants, energy and mining projects, transportation systems, and more.


As a visionary in the field and responding to the real need of the population in a new finance era, Butschi and Perez and their team have developed their own cryptocurrency token, in conjunction with a dedicated crypto exchange and an NFT marketplace.


Unlike traditional fantasy based NFT platforms, their marketplace focuses on tangible real-world use cases that are easily understandable. These real use cases span various sectors, including real estate, power plants, energy and minerals, commodities, transportation, tourism, and hotel NFTs.

They are set to deliver an interactive presentation that sheds light on the fundamental distinction between speculative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and crypto currencies with deep intrinsic values. Addressing the concerns of global populations regarding the volatility of speculative crypto currencies, the speakers aim to showcase sustainable crypto currencies that respond to the real needs of individuals worldwide.


With the rise of cryptocurrencies, it is crucial for individuals to understand the key differences between speculative tokens and those backed by intrinsic value.

In the current landscape, many individuals are apprehensive about the extreme volatility associated with speculative crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Butschi and Perez will provide valuable insights and education to alleviate these concerns by presenting crypto currencies that are designed to be integrated into the globalization process and offer stable, sustainable growth. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the case of XAR crypto currency is combined and tradable with the NFT-Assets listed on the XAR NFT-Marketplace, such as real estate, power plants, energy and mining projects, transportation systems, and more.


During the interactive session, Butschi and Perez will showcase how sustainable crypto currencies with intrinsic values can provide long-term stability, addressing the real needs of the global populations. They will outline how the integration of NFTs derived from real-world assets can unlock opportunities for wealth creation and passive income. Through engaging examples and case studies, the speakers will illustrate the potential of these crypto currencies to drive financial inclusion and empower individuals worldwide.

Butschi and Perez bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the speaking circuit. Their expertise in blockchain developments, STO, stable coins, crypto exchanges, but also their deep knowledge of the outdated finance world offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital assets and their impact on the financial industry.


With a track record of successful consulting engagements and a deep understanding of the intricacies of blockchain technology, they are poised to captivate and educate audiences with his expertise.

Key Talking Points

Rene R. Butschi and Alfonso B Perez are available for speaking engagements, panel discussions, and thought leadership opportunities, providing unique insights into the intersection of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and real-world applications. Media inquiries and booking requests can be directed to investors@canondale.investments.

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